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See what our customers and associates have to say about their experience with Siteworks.

David M. Privitera

Concorde Construction Company

I have had the pleasure of working with Scott and Melissa Bovit since the inception of Siteworks back in 2002.  Our company has worked with them on multiple projects ranging in size, scope, and complexity, and we always find that their team has the ability to adjust to our needs under any given circumstances. Though Siteworks has grown over the years, they have been able to maintain the level of service and commitment to their clients that continues to exceed expectations. I look forward to continuing the relationship for many years to come.

Jeff Fox

Robins & Morton

I have had the privilege to work with Siteworks on several projects including the Atrium Davidson Rehab Center and Atrium Health Concord Waterline project.  Scott and his team’s professionalism, knowledge and resources helped to make those projects a huge success.

Brad Edwards

Edifice, Inc.

I have enjoyed partnering with Siteworks on numerous projects over the years which included our new office.  They recently finished the 7th Street Storage project that had a very challenging site. From the pre-construction effort thru the project completion, the Sitework team truly knock it out of the park for us.

Wayne Hedin

Shiel Sexton Company, Inc.

Shiel Sexton Construction has worked with Siteworks, LLC and would recommend them for future work. They work in an efficient and professional manner to meet their contract requirements for projects and are very knowledgeable about grading/site work issues. This knowledge shared by all their employees helps to avoid problems. 

Matthew Hartig

Choate Construction Company

Siteworks is an excellent partner. Their Company is made up of self-motivated people that are knowledgeable of every aspect of your project.  Siteworks is a reliable team player that is committed to the success of every project and strengthening relationship with their clients. 

Jeff Crump

Siteworks LLC

In the 17+ years employed at Siteworks, the company’s continued emphasis on being a “family” and extensive training in the latest technology is one of the many reasons I’ve enjoyed working with the Siteworks Team.

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